Car Seat Safety Belt Extender

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Struggling to buckle up?

23cm Car Seat Safety Belt Extender is the highest quality extenders on the market designed to help you fasten your seat belt. No more tickets for not wearing a seat belt, and no fishing for seat belt receptacles between seats...


How to Use:

 Simply wear it like you would any other safety belt. 

Just click it and you're good to go!


Why a 23cm Car Seat Safety Belt Extender? 

This extender is ideal for drivers and passengers who can't otherwise buckle their seat belts, which may include some plus-sized people, police, firefighters, sheriffs, and law enforcement officers with bulky utility belts, passengers in NEMT vehicles, people with mobility impairments, and others.

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Product Specifications:
Material: plastic + nylon + metal
Color: Black
Total length: 230mm/9.06''

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