360 Blind Spot Adjustable Mirror

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Color: Silver
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Increase your driving safety today by installing a 360° Blind Spot Adjustable Mirror in your side view mirror. This mirror may be tiny but it will help you conveniently see what’s in your blind spots, thus preventing blind spot-related road accidents and collisions.


  • Gives you an added field of vision.  360° adjustable and offers a wide angle view, it allows you to see what’s in your blind spot without turning your head. It gives you a broader view of the side and rear of your car, preventing road mishaps.
  • Improves driving safety. Improves not only your safety but the safety of those around you including pedestrians, cyclists, and fellow drivers.
  • Helps with parallel parking too. Extremely useful with parallel parking too. Helps you get as close as possible to the curb so you can get into a small spot without getting a curb rash on your rims.
  • Easy installation. Self-adhesive. Just peel off the adhesive cover at the back and attach to your side view mirror. Done!
  • A life-saving gift. Works on any vehicle and side view mirrors (power side view mirrors and manual side view mirrors), it’s a thoughtful and life-saving gift you can share for the vehicle owners in your life.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) 360° Blind Spot Adjustable Mirror
  • Material: Glass + ABS Plastic
  • Size: 57 x 12 mm/ 2.2 x 0.5 inches
  • Color: Silver, White, Black