5-in-1 Water Bottle Bowl Waste Bag Dog Leash

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Everything You Need for Dog Walking in 1 Leash!

The 5-in-1 Water Bottle Bowl Waste Bag Dog Leash isn't just a handy dog leash, it's also a water bottle, pet bowl, waste bag dispenser, and waste bag hook! 



  • 5 dog walking essentials in one. No more having to carry around a ton of stuff every time you walk your furry friend. This smart device is a leash, waste bag dispenser, waste bag hook, water bottle, and bowl in one!

  • Keep your dog hydrated on walks. Dogs often don't get as much hydration as they need on walks, which might lead to a variety of diseases. This makes it easy to provide them with safe drinking water!

  • Designed for safety. Both the water bottle and the bowl are made of food-grade silicone rubber and plastic, making them safe for water and food ingestion without the threat of toxicity.


  • Built to last. Crafted out of durable materials with a safety catch constructed out of solid steel and a leash made of top-strength nylon. Sure to last you years!

How to use:
: attach steel safety cash to your dog's collar and secure onto the leash handle.
Water bottle and bowl: pull off the built-in bowl from one side of the leash and fill with water from the built-in water bottle.
Waste bag dispenser and hook: Take out a waste bag from the built-in dispenser on the other side of the leash, located near the handle.  Scoop up your dog's waste with another utensil and hang the bag from the leash hook.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) 5-in-1 Water Bottle Bowl Waste Bag Dog Leash
  • Material: high-quality durable ABS, nylon, silicone rubber
  • Size: about 8.5x6x2 inches