Adjustable Cake & Bread Slicer Leveler

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SOLVED: No longer worry about crumbled cake bases and bad cakes!

Instantly divide and cut your cake base with our best selling Adjustable Cake & Bread Slicer Leveler! Designed for every cake decorator, whether you are a novice or master.

How to Use:

Simply apply (cut) it on your cake/bread,

adjust the wire to the best cutting position,

wipe it clean after use. That's it! EASY AND SWEET~

Why a Adjustable Cake & Bread Slicer Leveler?

  • Adjustable cutting wire made of stainless steel: Serrated and stretched wire can be adjusted without any difficulties by moving it up and down. 18 different positions and heights can be chosen.
  • Easy cutting without any physical effort: It is easy and uncomplicated to use the cake cutter because of its slim handle made of rust-free steel.
  • Rust free and easy to clean: The cake cutting wire can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Rust-free quality.

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  • Package includes: (1) Adjustable Cake & Bread Slicer Leveler
  • Material: Stainless Steel


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