Baker's Delight 3-Color Swirl Coupler

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Turn your cupcakes into delectable, rainbow treats!

Time to get creative with your cupcakes! And what better way to do it than to use a Baker's Delight 3-Color Swirl Coupler. These 3 triangular-shaped couplers interlock together so piping 3 different color icing in your cupcakes is seamless and fun.


  • Make your cupcakes almost too good to eat. Adding rainbow swirls in your cupcakes may be intimidating, but the Swirl Coupler will make it an easy process. You can effortlessly add 3 color frostings in seconds. Your cupcakes will look so dreamy that everyone will admire them and have a hard time deciding whether to eat them or not!

  • Allow the use of 3 piping bags. Using one piping bag for 3 different icings may not be enough and can get messy. With the Swirl Coupler, you can use 3 piping bags at the same time for a seamless, uninterrupted multicolor cupcake decorating.

  • Suitable for all your piping tips. Whether you use a Russian tip or the regular ones, this coupler is just perfect! It can fit any of your favorite piping nozzles.

  • Great gift idea. Makes adding multicolored icing to cupcakes fun and easy to complement any theme parties, it’s the perfect gift both amateur and professional bakers will love.


How to use:

  1. Add a piping bag to each coupler. Then fill each piping bag with an icing of your choice.
  2. Next, attach the couplers to each other, making sure they form a circle. Then secure the couple with the included ring before adding your favorite piping tip/nozzle.
  3. Squeeze the piping bags so the icing pushes towards the coupler.  Start piping. With a little practice, you can add a variety of swirl decorations in your cupcakes.


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  • Product Specifications:
  • Package includes:
  • 3 x Coupler
  • 1 x Ring
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 4.6 x 4.3 x 2.3 cm
  • Coupler Color: White
  • Ring Color: Green, Purple