3 IN 1 Car Makeup Sun Visor Mirror

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Quick Touch Up In Your Car!

Let's be a bit better at doing makeup in more challenging environments, such as your moving vehicle, with our 3 IN 1 Car Makeup Sun Visor Mirror! Specially designed for all beauty enthusiasts, that always have a rush moment to beauty up, in the car ;)

How to Use:

Simply use it as a normal mirror, or clip it on your existing sun visor.

Fred not, it has no effect on the opening and closing of the sun visor.


Why a 3 IN 1 Car Makeup Sun Visor Mirror?

  • Advanced Built-In LED Light, which allowed a 97% of sunlight similarity. yet adjustable brightness (stepless dimming) for your different needs.
  • Multifunction, it is far more than just a beauty mirror, but also can be used as a sun visor and rearview mirror for your better vision while driving on the road.
  • High-Quality Material, 4K silver-plated mirror for real and clear imaging.

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Material: ABS + glass
Shell color: white


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