Chef’s Touch Double-action Sauce Injector

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This tool helps you make the juiciest

& flavourful meat!

Ever tried marinating a piece of meat for hours; still, the meat is hard as gum? Meet the Chef’s Touch Double-action Sauce Injector. This tool features a simple yet clever design that lets you inject flavourful marinade while tenderizing the meat along the way. This gives you a succulent meat dish, with a little amount of effort.


  • Its double-action. Its clever design lets you inject marinade through its stainless steel needles with every push. Then those needles tenderize the meat through the process.

  • Flavourful dishes. Its built-in plunger helps you apply the sauce you need to the meat. Its 27 stainless steel needles infuse the marinade inside the meat that makes it packed with flavor. 

  • Increase cooking efficiency. Thanks to its double-action feature, it significantly reduces the prep time on any meat dishes. Since it makes the meat tender it also greatly reduces the cooking time. 

  • Safe & easy to use. This tool features a safety lock on its adjust switch that prevents you from getting punctured by the needles. And it’s easy to use too! Just fill the plunger with a marinade of your choice, and start pushing the plunger one at a time. 

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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Chef’s Touch Double-action Sauce Injector
  • Size: 22.5cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Material: ABS+ Stainless steel
  • Color: White