Conductive Ink Pen

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Bring your doodles to life!

Make your doodles come alive with the Conductive Ink Pen. This smart pen turns simple drawings into a fully functional electrical circuit. It’ll provide fun hours of play for kids and teach them how electricity works too.  


  • Turn doodles into works of art.  Made of silver conductive nanoparticles, this pen acts as a conductor and enable your kids to draw electric circuits. They’ll be amazed as the house, car, train, flower, or greeting card they drew light up and move at the same time!

  • Combines play and learning.  The Conductive Ink Pen offers limitless potentials of creating and exploring circuits. Your kids can enjoy scribbling and creating objects while learning the basics of electricity too.

  • Draw circuits instantly. No need for wires or switchboards. You can build circuits instantly just by doodling and adding LED lights, batteries, and motors.

  • Great gift. Available in 6ml and 12 ml, it’s a wonderful gift for students, craft makers, and engineers as well. Perfect for any science experiment, electric prototypes, and DIY craft projects. 


(Note: The marker does not perform conductivity on normal printing paper and can only be used on gloss photo paper. When preserving the ink, make sure that the pen’s lid is closed and store it in a cool and dark place.)


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Conductive Ink Pen
  • Main materials: Mixed Silver, Copper, and Nickel Powder
  • Length 13 cm/ 5.12 inches
  • Capacity: 6ml, 12ml
  • Pen Color: as shown in pictures