Dial Test Indicator Magnetic Base Stand

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An unsteady dial indicator can result in inaccurate measurements!


Avoid it from happening by using a Dial Test Indicator Magnetic Base Stand. This stand not only calibrates your dial indicator but also holds it in place for absolute stability.  Featuring a magnetic base, you can place it on any metallic surfaces for precise alignment operations.


  • Keep the dial indicator stable and in place. With this stand, your dial indicator won’t move, wobble, or shake, preventing false reading results.  You can accurately check machines or workpieces' alignments or other measurements that involve the distance between two surfaces or small amounts of component travel.

  • 2 ways to mount. Featuring 2 clamps at the end, you can attach a standard dial indicator or a level type test indicator with dovetail. It can hold your tool gauge vertically or horizontally.

  • Flexible and adjustable. The 2 arms can easily be adjusted in any position using the tightening knob. You can calibrate your test indicator by adjusting the tightening knob until the dial indicator’s hand hovers at zero.

  • Has a magnetic base with on/off button. The stand uses strong V-shaped magnets at the base so you can attach it to flat or cylindrical metallic surfaces with ease. Switching the on button allows the stand to lock in place for a firm hold and turning it off allows you to remove it.  

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Product Specifications: 

  • Package includes: (1) Dial Test Indicator Magnetic Base Stand (w/ or w/o dial indicator)
  • Material: Metal
  • Base size: approx. 40 x 29 x 35 mm (L x W x H)
  • Total height: approx. 194 mm
  • Clamping hole diameter: approx. 8 mm
  • Color: Red + Black