DIY Bag & Purse Plastic Canvas

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A fun hobby that can save & earn you money!

With the DIY Bag & Purse Plastic Canvas, you never have to buy clutch bags and purses anymore. You can easily make one in the comfort of your home. It’ll save you money and make your stay at home even more productive. It can also turn into a profitable hobby!


  • Make your own bags & purses. The plastic canvas gives you an easy-to-follow pattern where you can knit or crochet handmade bags & purses. It makes the process quick &  fun that you’ll end up making cute and personalized handbags, clutch bags, and purses in no time!

  • Easy to use. The plastic canvas is available in several shapes so you can make bags and purses of different styles and sizes. All you need is your trusty needle and yarn, and some beautiful clasp and chains for straps and closures. If you're not a knit expert yet, don't worry as there are many tutorial videos available out there to guide you.  

  • Fun, profitable hobby. Making your own bags and purses not only saves you from buying new ones, you can also make a business out of it. You can sell your handicrafts to your Etsy store or if you’re a Vlogger, you can upload and share to your followers the process of creating bags out of the plastic canvas.

  • Great gift. Aside from making savings and profits out of your bag-making, you can also give the bags and purses you’ve created to friends and loved ones on special seasons and occasions. It surely is a win-win investment for the crochet lovers!


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Product Specifications: 

  • Package includes: (2/4/8) sets of DIY Bag & Purse Plastic Canvas
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 2.5mm/4mm (3 versions)/26x18.5cm/26x24.5cm/38cm/45 cm/44.5cm/53.4cm/53.6cm/33.5cm flower/41.5cm flower/50cm flower
  • Weight: 0.062-0.08g/pc
  • Color: White