Easy Yarn - Guide Finger Holder Ring

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Easy guide for your yarn activities

Enjoy yarning but not fancy with finger fatigue? Especially when you need to separate 2 yarns at once. Easy Yarn - Guide Finger Holder Ring allows you to separate the yarns without discomfort your fingers. The stainless steel finger ring is made to last. Easy Yarn - Guide Finger Holder Ring is best for everybody that yarns. Add this to your yarn activities collection and a tool of essential. 

YARN GUIDE: This Easy Yarn -Guide Finger Holder Ring is the perfect tool when sewing and crafting your DIY projects

PERFECT FOR: Helping you to control and hold yarns and fibers to ease your crochet, sewing, and knitting needs

HIGH QUALITY: Made of quality stainless steel material that is sturdy and durable

DIMENSIONS: Small thimble measures 0.35 inches; Large thimble measures 0.75 inches

Maintains subtle tension. No more getting tangles or limp lines- this smart thimble keeps your yarn subtly tense and far easier to work with.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each pack comes with 2 yarn guide finger holders in 1 sizes; 

Product Dimension:

Small: 1cm X 1.5cm 

Big: 1cm X 2cm

NOTE: Due to high demand of the product, please allow 7-15 business days for shipping.
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