EasyView Multi-Device Pillow Stand

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Enjoy your mobile device without getting a Toasted Skin Syndrome!

You may not know it, but using a mobile device in your lap for a long period of time exposes it to heat, making it look toasted and discolored in the long run. This is also known as the Toasted Skin Syndrome. Better be safe and get an EasyView Multi-Device Pillow Stand. This cushion props up your mobile devices so you can have a perfect viewing angle without suffering a singed lap.


  • Save you from Toasted Skin Syndrome. The pillow is a safe, comfortable solution to keep your thighs and legs away from the heat coming from your devices. No more worrying about your thighs and legs getting ‘toasted’ and discolored from having gadgets resting on your lap for too long.

  • Multipurpose pillow. You can use it to hold your 11-inch laptop, netbook, iPad, tablet, phablet, or smartphone. You can even use it for your books. It even has a pocket to store small items like phones, pens, or coins.

  • Offer perfect viewing every time. It not only saves your lap from heat exposure, it also levels your device to a better angle for pain-free, hands-free viewing. No more hurting and straining your eyes, neck, or shoulders.

  • Stable and portable. It provides you a soft yet stable platform anywhere - from your bed, sofa, and floor to your car or while on the go. The non-slip baffle ensures your device won’t slip and stays in place.

  • Easy maintenance. The pillow's cover can be removed so you can easily clean it in your washer, keeping it smelling fresh and bacteria-free.

  • Lovely gift. Makes using devices safe, convenient, and comfortable, this pillow is a great gift idea for kids, students, writers, and those who often use their mobile devices on their laps.



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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) EasyView Multi-Device Pillow Stand
  • Material: Imitation Linen
  • Size: approx. 32 x 32 x 14 cm
  • Color: Grey