EasyWeld Butt Welding Clamps (8pcs)

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Your little welder helpers!

Welding 2 panels together is now faster than ever, thanks to these EasyWeld Butt Welding Clamps (8pcs). These little welder helpers securely hold different pieces of metal sheets to make repairs or alterations a smoother process for you. With them, you can expect a clean weld with minimal grinding all the time.


  • Securely hold panels together. They help keep your panels aligned for a perfect edge-to-edge, surface-to-surface welding. Compact and sturdy, they won’t have trouble holding flat, ribbed, or curved panels.

  • Easy to use. First, loosen the wing nut to allow space for the sheet metals to slide in between the block and the toggle bar. Once in position, tighten the wing nut to secure the sheet metals in place. And you can start welding. When you’re through, simply loosen the wing nut again to release the clamps.

  • 8-piece set. You’ll get 8 pieces as butt welding clamps are so small, and a number of them will need to be used along the length of the sheet metal. You can also buy them in 16 or 24-piece sets.

  • Durable & long-lasting. Made of galvanized steel, they can withstand rust and high temperatures. With proper care, they can last a lifetime and give you a hand in all your welding projects.


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Package includes:


  • 8 x EasyWeld Butt Welding Clamps 


  • 16 x EasyWeld Butt Welding Clamps 


  • 24 x EasyWeld Butt Welding Clamps


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Steel (Galvanized)
  • Size: 50 x 25 x 25 mm/ 1.97 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
  • Color: Silver