Electric Indoor Pest Mosquito Lamp

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Eliminate Disease-carrying Mosquitoes While You Sleep!

No more annoying and dangerous mosquitoes buzzing around your loved ones at home- the Electric Indoor Pest Mosquito Lamp will eliminate them for you while you sleep! Turning on and off automatically as well as easy to operate, this powerful but safe mosquito lamp will make any home mosquito-free in short order!


  • Eliminates disease-carrying mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren't just annoying with their buzzing and incredibly itchy bites, they are also dangerous and carry a variety of diseases. This will ensure your home stays safe and free from these pests.

  • Easy to operate. There are no complicated installations involved! Simply plug it in, press, the button, and it's good to go.

  • Turns on and off automatically. No need to get up and switch it on or off- it turns on automatically at dusk when mosquitoes are most active, and switches back off during the day to conserve energy.

  • Completely silent.  Compared to numerous other mosquito lamps out this one is silent, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy restful sleep while mosquitoes are eliminated.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Electric Indoor Pest Mosquito Lamp
  • Voltage: AC100~240V
  • Material: ABS
  • Power: 0.8W
  • Area: 20~40 Square Meter
  • Plug: EU/US/UK