EZSharp Honing Guide

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The best sharpening jig for a variety of cutting tools!

Make sharpening tools easy and precise with the help of an EZSharp Honing Guide. This jig holds your cutting tools’ blades above the grinding stone at 25° or 30°  to give them perfect and razor-sharp cutting edges!

Features and benefits:
  • Offer precision tool sharpening. With this honing guide, you can sharpen tools accurately and give their blades perfectly honed bevels. This extends your tools’ service life and saves you money on buying replacements.

  • Multipurpose honing guide. The adjustable inner jaws can fit chisel blades and graving knives with 1/8" to 1-7/8" width, and the outer jaws can fit plane blades with 1-3/8" to 3-1/8" width. While the roller wheel underneath can smoothly glide on both oilstones or waterstones.

  • Adjustable clamping width. The honing guide’s jaws not only adjust to fit a variety of blades, they also help set blade projections to get that perfect 25° or 30° angle. For chisels, a 30-mm blade projection will give a 30° while a 40-mm will result in a 25°. For plane irons, a 38-mm blade projection gives a 30° and 50-mm for a 25°.
  • Built to last. Has a hardened carbon steel roller wheel and cast aluminum body, the EZSharp Honing Guide will not wear down over time or develop flat spots. Plus, it’s coated with anti-rust paint to make it corrosion-resistant and extra durable.

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Product Specifications:
• Package includes: (1) EZSharp Honing Guide
• Material: Aluminum + Carbon Steel
• Size: 10 x 4 x 4 cm
• Color: Blue + Silver