Fastfix Rhinestone Applicator

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Applying hotfix crystals is now made easier thanks to the Fastfix Rhinestone Applicator. This applicator tool affixes hotfix rhinestones, Swarovski, and other stones on your fabrics or projects instantly and firmly.


  • Make your designs/creations extra sparkly.  Allows you to easily melt adhesives at the back of hotfix crystals so you can attach them within seconds on clothes, bags, shoes, belts, cellphone cases, hats, purses, scrapbooks, and more.
  • Works on most fabrics. Can be used on leather, paper, card, cotton, Trevira, linen, wool, viscose, tulle, denim, lycra, cotton jersey, silk, and synthetics (polyester, etc.).
  • Comes with 7 tips. So you can apply different sized hotfix crystals easily.
  • Great gift. A must-have for the DIYers, craft makers, dressmakers, scrapbook enthusiasts, and budding designers in your life.


How to use:
1. First, install the tip of your choice and preheat the applicator tool for 2-3 mins.
2. Next, arrange the crystals in your desired pattern.
3. Finally, hold the applicator like a pen, vertically, and apply on the hotfix rhinestones. Wait for 5-8 seconds before taking it off. Repeat the procedure until all the stones are fixed firmly in place.

Gentle reminder:
1. This hotfix applicator ONLY works for "hotfix" crystals. The "hotfix" rhinestone has glue at the bottom, which will be melted and sticky after heated up by the applicator tool.
2. The applicator CANNOT pick up the rhinestone. You need to put the hotfix rhinestone to your desired place in your fabrics/projects/crafts.
3. The applicator tip and the stones get very hot during application. DO NOT touch them with your fingers. Wait until the tip cools off before changing tips. DO NOT screw and unscrew the applicator tips when it is still hot!

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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Fastfix Rhinestone Applicator
  • Material: Plastic + Metal + Electric Components
  • Applicator size:
  • Tips size and model: 2 mm (6ss), 3mm (10ss), 4mm (16ss), 4mm (hot spot), 5mm (20ss), 7mm (34ss), 9mm (flat)
  • Cord length: 4.6 ft.
  • Color: Pink, Purple