GardenHaven Pot Trellis

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A beautiful twine trellis for indoor potted vines!5

Give your indoor potted vines the support they need to grow and twine beautifully with this GardenHaven Pot Trellis. This metal framework gives your plants a stable structure to climb on to. It also helps limits the place where your plant can reach so they won’t be messy, growing all over your home.




  • Perfect support for indoor potted vines. Available in small and large sizes, this metal lattice can support plants that grow and climb upwards up to 65 cm. Perfect for vegetable or ornamental plants like peas, cucumber, clematis, morning glory, rose, and more.

  • Help plants grow naturally in one place. It trains plants to climb vertically, clinging only on the trellis, and not on walls or objects. It won’t hinder growth and at the same time eliminates tangles too.

  • Easy to set up. Gently insert the rods to the soil in the pot, making sure they surround and cover your plant. Then arrange the circle rods one by one. And it’s ready to use.  

  • Add a decorative accent to your home too. Not only does it help your climbing plants to grow beautifully, it also makes your potted plants aesthetically pleasing and attractive, adding instant charm to any space.

  • Durable and reusable. Made of plastic-coated metals, this beautiful trellis easily resists rust and wear, allowing you to use it over and over.


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Product Specifications: 

  • Package includes: (1) GardenHaven Pot Trellis
  • Material: Plastic-coated Metal
  • Size: Small ~ about 45 cm Large ~ about 65 cm
  • Color: Green