Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum

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Completely Seal in Food's Freshness!

The Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum will completely seal in your food's freshness without any leakage! This genius portable vacuum features the ability to recharge so you can use it again and again on any bag or container with a vacuum seal, making it ideal for both keeping food fresh and packing easier. 


  • Seals in freshness and preserves food. The Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum will allow you to fully preserve your food in vacuum bags. This will also completely seal in all freshness so you can enjoy food for longer and reduce the amount of food wasted. Airtight seals every time!

  • Simple to use. First, place food or item in one of your provided Kohoo reusable bags. Next, secure your Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum to the round vacuum seal part of the bag. Turn it on and it will vacuum away all oxygen within the bag, vacuum-sealing your food or item in the process.

  • Comes with reusable vacuum bags. Each Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum comes with 4 small bags and 2 large vacuum seal bags, all of which are reusable! These can hold a quart or a gallon of food, allowing you to save more space in your fridge normally taken up by clunky Tupperware or bowls. They are fully reusable and can be washed and rinsed on top of being equipped with double-zip seals.

  • USB-chargeable or battery-powered.  You can choose to get your Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum USB-chargeable or battery-powered to suit your taste. Both are incredibly convenient and dependable.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Handy Portable Food Sealing Vacuum (Batteries not included for the Battery-powered variant) (2) Large vacuum seal bags (4) Small vacuum seal bags
  • Material: Zinc Ally + Copper
  • Large vacuum seal bags: approx. 10x13 inches
  • Small vacuum seal bags: approx. 8x7.8 inches
  • Sealing Length: <20cm