Heavy Duty Bolt and Nut Splitter

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Got stuck, rusted, damaged, or corroded nuts that can’t be taken out by a simple wrench or even a screw extractor? Then it’s time to use a Heavy Duty Bolt and Nut Splitter. This device splits stubborn nuts into two so you can easily remove them without damaging the bolt’s thread.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use. First, place the nut splitter on the nut you want to remove. Adjust the nut splitter’s screw head (found at the end of the handle) just enough to fit the nut between the splitter’s anvil and chisel. Using a socket or spanner, turn the screw head in a clockwise direction to tighten the chisel and pinch the nut between the chisel and the anvil. Continue turning the screw head so that the chisel cuts into the nut. This may loosen up the nut to remove. And if not, repeat the process from the other side of the nut until it splits the nut entirely and falls right off.
  • Wide compatibility. This nut splitter is available in 3 sizes: 80, 102, and 130 mm and can be used to remove 0.4 – 1.06-inch nuts. It’s attachable to any ratchable spanner or socket and is a great tool to use at home, garage, auto shop, factory, and more.
  • Made to last. Made from chrome-plated finished hardened steel blades and forged grips for extra strength and durability, it’s a lasting device worth keeping in your toolbox. A great gift to share to fellow mechanics, handymen, and DIYers too.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Heavy Duty Bolt and Nut Splitter
Material: Steel
Size: (Length x Diameter)
#1 ~ 80 x 12 mm
#2 ~ 102 x 14 mm
#3 ~ 130 x 18 mm
Color: Silver
Capacity: Suitable for nuts and bolts of 0.4" - 0.47", 0.47" - 0.63", 0.63 - 0.87" or 0.87"- 1.06"