Insulated Folding Food Dish Cover

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Keep Food Fresh Anywhere!

No fridge, no problem! The handy Insulated Folding Food Dish Cover will keep your food fresh and as cold or as hot as it should be and safe from the threat of dust, flies, and other bacteria. Easy to bring along anywhere, it makes a great addition to any outdoor party or indoors break room.


  • Keeps food fresh anywhere. Say goodbye to food going cold! A special inner insulation cotton and foil and sturdy frame keep food fresh, tasty, and warm or cold even without a fridge available.  

  • Wards off harmful bacteria. Acts as a cover over food to protect it from dust, disease-carrying flies, and a wide variety of other bacteria. Prevents food poisoning and other illnesses.

  • Great for a variety of occasions. Its flexibility and protective capabilities make it a great addition to any party, BBQ, picnic, get-together, teachers' lounge, or break room.

  • Easy to store. Features a draw-string open-and-close design that makes it a breeze to make into a compact form for easy storage. This also makes it portable and convenient to bring along!

  • Fits a ton of dishes. Features a large coverage area that can cover up to 7 dishes that are about 7 inches in diameter.



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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Insulated Folding Food Dish Cover
  • Material: Zinc Ally + Copper
  • Diameter: 27.6inch
  • Height: 9.1inch