Kids Anti-Slip Summer Spring Socks

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These cute socks look like shoes!

Does your toddler hate wearing shoes? Does he freak out every time you try to don a pair on his tubby feet? Then opt for these Kids Anti-Slip Summer Spring Socks for the meantime. These socks look like shoes and feature soft rubber soles at the bottom. They protect your little one's feet from slipping or getting cold. They will also help make the transition to wearing shoes easy.   

Features and benefits:

  • Has soft rubber soles at the bottom, these socks offer maximum traction so your baby or toddler doesn’t slip or fall when walking or crawling. They also protect your little one’s feet from getting hurt by the heat, cold, or small debris like stones, sands, and more.

  • Great substitute for shoes when your child doesn’t like wearing one. They offer the same protection but are more breathable and comfortable. Once your child gets used to them, it’s easier to goad him to wear shoes next time.

  • Perfect to wear anywhere from your home to the daycare, at the beach, or on picnics. They come in cute cartoon designs and colors to perfectly match your child’s outfit.

  • Available in a variety of sizes, you can easily pick one that matches your kid’s feet. They also make a lovely gift for fellow parents who have children that hate wearing shoes as well.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) pair of Kids Anti-Slip Summer Spring Sock
  • Material: Cotton + Polyester
  • Size: 11 – 12 cm/12 – 13 cm/13 – 14 cm/14 – 15 cm (please refer to the size chart in the picture gallery)
  • Color: Mint Green, Pink, Blue, Sky Blue, Peach, Mesh Black, Mesh Yellow, Mesh Pink