Mixing Bowl Drum Side Food Scraper

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Every Last Bit of Food From Your Mixing Drum!

No more wasting food left on the sides of your mixing bowl or Thermomix mixing drum! The easy-to-use Mixing Drum Side Food Scraper will efficiently and quickly scrape off all food stuck to the side of your mixing bowl so you can get the most out of it, on top of making them easier to clean!


  • Prevents food wastage. Perfectly good ingredients are wasted when left stuck to the inside of a bowl. This will prevent wastage by scraping all food away with its special curved spatula design, allowing you to get the most out of your ingredients and make cleaning drums easier.

  • Easy to use. Simply attach to the bottom of your Thermomix mixing drum, right over the blades, and rotate with the easy-grip handle to scrape off all food from the sides. If using to clean a bowl, simply scrape the sides with the tool.

  • A breeze to clean. Rinse away food bits with water and wash with a bit of dishwashing soap before rinsing again. It is also dishwasher safe and heat and wear-resistant!

  • Compatible with Themormix drums and most other bowls. The Mixing Drum Side Food Scraper is compatible with a variety of Thermomix models' mixing drums, including the TM6, TM5, and TM3. It's also handy for any mixing bowl!


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    Product Specifications:

    • Package includes: (1) Mixing Drum Side Food Scraper
    • Material: food-grade FDA/LFGB standard PP
    • Size: about 10.43*2.36*3.54in
    • Weight: about 7oz