Multifunctional Draining Scooping Chopping Board

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Cut, Scoop, and Drain with One Chopping Board!

Cut food prep time and the amount of stuff you need to wash! The smart Multifunctional Draining Scooping Chopping Board will transform the way you prep food in an instant! A chopping board, colander, scooper, and basket in one, this genius multi-purpose chopping board makes a great addition to any busy household


  • A classic chopping board. Need to chop something? Easily slice, dice, cut, and chop all manner of food on your Multifunctional Draining Scooping Chopping Board!
    • Drain veggies, fruits, and more. When you need to drain veggies, fruits, seafood, and other food items, simply lift the cover off your chopping board to reveal the draining basket.
      • Catch and scoop food. No more struggling to get food from the chopping board to the pan! This features a small basket slotted into the side. The basket comes off and doubles as a scooper.
        • Extends to fit over most sinks. The Multifunctional Draining Scooping Chopping Board features a handle that extends and retracts, allowing it to fit over most sinks for an easier time draining food.
          • Long-lasting & convenient.  Each Multifunctional Draining Scooping Chopping Board is made out of top-quality food-safe PP. It is built to be durable with a long service life on top of being simple to clean and easy to store.


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          Product Specifications:

          • Package includes: (1) Multifunctional Draining Scooping Chopping Board
          • Material: PP
          • Size: approx. 19x11 inches