Multifunctional Glass Tile Opener

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The Multifunctional Glass Tile Opener makes cutting glass safe & effortless.

This set of tools provide smooth, accurate cuts all the time. It’ll make any project faster and easier. And the best part is, you can also use it to cut tiles or mirrors, making it a great addition in your toolbox.


  • Cut glass effortlessly. It consists of 2 tools: 1 glass cutter and 1 vise. The glass cutter works as a scriber. Equipped with a cutting wheel at the end, you can use it to draw/cut straight or curved lines in your glass. While the vise works by gripping the glass and cutting it into 2 smooth halves. With these tools, you can cut glass safely & effectively.  
    • Multifunctional cutter. These tools not only work with glasses. They’re also perfect for cutting other materials like tile, marble, porcelain, and mirror.
      • Ergonomic handles. The soft silicone handles provide a comfortable grip to reduce wrist fatigue for precision cutting all the time.
      • Built to last. The cutting wheel is made of durable Tungsten Carbide Steel and can cut up to 10 mm thickness. While the vise and glass cutter are made of top quality non-corrosive metal to ensure long life.
      • Small & portable. Smaller compared to traditional heavy cutting machinery, you can easily carry it anywhere and finish projects anytime.


        • Complete set. You’ll receive 2 oils and 2 extra cutting wheels so you can easily lubricate or replace the glass cutter’s wheel when it becomes dull. You’ll also receive 1 tape measure for easy measurement of materials. Now that’s a great deal!


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          Product Specifications:

          • Package includes:
          • 1 x Glass Cutter
          • 1 x Clamp Opener
          • 1 x Measuring Tape
          • 2 x Cutting Wheel
          • 2 x Oil
          • Material: Aluminum + Carbide Tungsten Steel + Silicone
          • Glass cutter size: 100 x 26 mm/ 3.9 x 1.0 inches
          • Vise size: 80 x 75 x 60 mm/ 3.1 x 3 x 2.4 inches
          • Cutting thickness: 10 mm/ 0.39 inches
          • Color: as shown in pictures