Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter

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Cut pipes cleanly and in no time.

Quickly and cleanly cut pipes with the genius Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter! Constructed out of top-quality aluminum alloy steel, it features a sharp and sturdy blade, rolling bearing for easy use, and a dependable body. This combination will give you clean, rounded cutting on tubes! 



  • Quick and clean cutting. Tired of exhausting yourself by sawing through pipes with a handsaw? The Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter will cut through pipes in no time and with much less effort, producing a clean and rounded result in the process. This is thanks to its twin spinning rollers and ultra-sharp cutting wheel.
      • Works on a variety of piping. The Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter will cut through both soft and hard copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, PE, and PVC plastic piping and tubes. Its versatility makes it essential to any handyman's toolkit.
        • Designed for ease of use. The Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter is incredibly easy to use. The metal housing will hold your pipe in a stable, solid way- you can then apply even pressure with the pressure-tightening knob. It's also comfortable to hands and safe to use thanks to its ergonomic design.
          • Sure to last. Each Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter is crafted out of top-quality, lightweight and heavy-duty aluminum alloy steel. It's sure to see you through countless projects as a tool you can depend on.


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          Product Specifications:

          Package includes: (1) Non-slip Quick-use Pipe Cutter
          Material: aluminum alloy steel + alloy steel blades
          Product weight: 200-630g, depending on the size chosen