Personal Emergency Alarm Keychain

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Alert Others to Emergencies with This Keychain!

Instantly alert others to an emergency with the Personal Emergency Alarm Keychain! Simply tug on it from your bag or keyring and it will emit a 120dB that will scare away attackers and draw in people who will help.


  • Instantly alert others to an emergency. When you're out, any situation can turn dangerous. This will attract the attention of others who will help, making it essential to any type of emergency, attack, or rape attempt. It's a great way to stay safe wherever you are.

  • Easy to hang anywhere. The Personal Emergency Alarm Keychain is easy to access and use anywhere thanks to its lightweight keychain form. Attach it to your bag, backpack, purse, belt loop, or keys for instant access.

  • Simple to use. When time is of the essence, this is especially handy thanks to its ease of use. Simply tug it off so the metal part comes off and it will emit a loud alarm. This makes it great for the elderly and children, too. 

  • 120db alarm. Big things come in small packages and the Personal Emergency Alarm Keychain is no exception! It will emit a powerful 120dB alarm that will scare off attackers and attract the attention of other people for help.


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    Product Specifications:

    • Package includes: (1) Personal Emergency Alarm Keychain
    • Material: ABS
    • Sound Frequency: about 120dB
    • Powered by: a 23A 12V battery (included)
    • Weight: 42g/1.5oz
    • Size: about 2.4x1.6x.7 inches