Pet Dog Gentle Dryer Heater Bag

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Quickly and Easily Dry Your Dog!

The Pet Dog Gentle Dryer Heater Bag will allow you to dry your dog after a bath without having to chase them around with a blowdryer! The fast, easy, and safe  way to dry your dog, this also comes with the benefit of not scaring them off of bath time


  • Makes drying pets fast and easy. No more having to chase your frightened pet with a blow-dryer. This bag makes drying your pet quick and easy after a bath, a day out in the rain, a swim in the pool, or a walk in the snow. It melts away icicles and water drops that cling to fur all throughout, both the undercoat and the coat in general, for a happy and warm pet.
  • Less scary than a blow-dryer. Pets are understandably terrified of the dreaded blow-dryer. As a result, they bolt the moment they see one. This is much less scary because dogs won't have to make 'direct contact' with the blow-dryer. Pets easily warm up to it after a short period of time.
    • Reduces wet dog odors. As much as we love our dogs, it's hard to love that wet dog smell! Thankfully, this will reduce said odor, leaving your home smelling fresh.
    • Easy to use. After toweling your dog and removing all excess water, lay the Pet Dog Gentle Dryer Heater Bag flat on the floor. Slot your dog's paws into the leg holes. Close the bag shut by fastening the magic paste together, ensuring that your dog's head is poking out of the bag. Gently tighten drawstrings around the tail and neck, taking care not to overtighten for ventilation. Attach your blow-dryer to the tube and turn on to Warm or Low.
      • Great for any type of dog. This is ideal for any type of dog of any fur length. Short-haired and smaller dogs only need 10-20 minutes in the bag to fully dry, while larger or long-haired dogs take a bit longer.


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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes: (1) Pet Dog Gentle Dryer Heater Bag
      • Material: Fiber
      • Color: Blue
      • XS: body length 7-11 inches, weight 5-14lbs
        S: body length 12-16 inches, weight 15-29lbs
        M: body length 17-20 inches, weight 30-49lbs