Portable Soldering Pen Kit

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Solder your Electronics everywhere you go

AH! I wish I bring my Soldering Kit! Not anymore! This evolutionary Portable Soldering Pen Kit are convenient to use, easy to bring or store in everywhere! Put it in the back of your car, your workshop. No more tangle with the wire and get in your way while you're working at something. This Portable Soldering Pen Kit are rechargeable with 1300mah battery.  Work smart and not harder! Go wireless! 


✅USB chargeable soldering gun heats up in seconds and lets you solder without an outlet

Portable soldering iron heats to 1050° F (565° C) in about seven seconds
✅Include soldering iron bracket to hold your soldering pen while it is hot

Perfect garage, shop, outdoor, and hobby use; use to repair jewelry, appliances, RC cars, alarm systems, wiring, etc.
To reduce the risk of burns, the iron includes a quick cooling design and protective cap

How to Use

  1. Screw on the tip voltage to 4.8v maximum.
  2. Press the power button for 5 times within 2 seconds after the power on.
  3. This machine has 10 seconds timeout protection
  4. During using, the button light flashes, it indicate the battery is running out, need to charge
  5. When you give it full charge, you can use about 40 minute, you need press it all time when you use it soldering


  • Charging soldering iron voltage range:3.3V-4.8V
  • Battery:16600 1300mah
  • Power:8W
  • temperature range:200℃-450℃
  • Heating time:6-8 seconds
  • Charger:4.2v 420mah
  • Soldering iron head resistance:2.5-2.8Ω

Package Includes:

  •  1 X charging soldering iron
  •  1 X tin wire (20 G)
  •  1 X soldering stand
  •  1 X USB charging head
  •  1 X soldering iron protective cap
  •  1 X rosin

Special Notes

Charging methods: unscrew the soldering iron tip, screw on the charger that comes with unit, plug it into our mobile phone charging head.

When the battery is fully charged, the main unit is off, the charger is green.

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