PowerUp - Punch Speed Trainer

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This Equipment Will Help You Be A Better Boxer This 2020

Boxing is a skill-based sport that requires an athlete to have superior punching power combined with agility and speed.  PowerUp - Punch Speed Trainer is the most effective training addition for increasing speed, power, and upper body strength. This tool will help you to have that incredible punching power that can be a ticket to victory. 


  • Burns Calories. With the intensity of your punches and the elasticity of PowerUp - Punch Speed Trainer you will quickly burn out your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, perfect for calorie burning. This will help you increase your endurance. 

  • Increases Power. This tool helps strengthen your muscles and lets you get a full-body workout without having to join an expensive gym membership. This will help increase the power of your punch. 

  • Strengthens your upper body. A strong upper body and balance are vital for success in the boxing ring. As you perform a workout with the PowerUp - Punch Speed trainer, feel your upper body muscles working with every movement you make.

  • Portable.  This equipment is also portable, to keep you active even at home! This trainer is designed to help you pack your boxing equipment into its carrying pouch and take your personal boxing equipment for training wherever you go. 


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) PowerUp - Punch Speed Trainer
  • Material: Elastic
  • Color: Purple, Red