PunchArt Metal Stamping Kit

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Create beautiful impressions on metals!

Whether it’s for crafts or easy identification, the PunchArt Metal Stamping Kit lets you put beautiful impressions on a variety of metals. These hand stamps include the whole alphabet letter plus numeric symbols so you can imprint names, dates, initials, greetings, and messages to make any metallic item personal and unique.   

Features and benefits:

✅ Allows you to be creative. Metal stamping can be a fun and satisfying craft/hobby especially once you see the finished pieces which can look professional once they’re polished up. You can easily customize metallic objects such as jewelry, work tools, pet tags, and so much more.


✅ Saves you money. With this kit, you can make personalized gifts or put easy identification on your valuables. You never have to go to a professional engraver as you can do it on your own.

✅ Easy to use. All you need is a hammer, tape, and a piece of wood to start metal stamping. You can put impressions on aluminum, brass, copper, fine silver, and other thin metals.

✅ Made of durable materials. Each stamp is made of fine carbon steel slicked in oil to resist rust and tear, ensuring longer service life. They also come in a storage case for added protection.


How to use:

  1. Start by setting up your workspace. Choose somewhere which has a sturdy surface or at least sturdy enough to withstand hammering. Make sure you also have a piece of strong wood over your table or desk to make sure you aren’t going to damage any surfaces.
  2. Get all of your equipment out (stamping kit, hammer, and tape) and have it at hand and easily reachable before you begin any stamping.
  3. Set your stamping block in front of you close enough for you to be able to stamp your material efficiently.
  4. Use the stamping tape to hold your material in place on the block and add any masking tape guides you might want.
  5. Choose your stamp and line it up (check it isn’t upside down), holding it between your thumb and forefinger – you may want to stabilize it with more fingers.
  6. Grab your hammer and hit the top of the stamp (be careful to pay attention to where you are aiming the hammer). Tap it twice or thrice to ensure the stamp imprint nicely on your material. Do the same on the next letters or numbers.
  7. When you’re done stamping, you can enhance your designs by rubbing over with a blank marker or stamping enamel ink and buffing off the excess.
  8. Once you get the hang of it by practicing regularly, your stamping will improve and you can make beautiful tags easily. You can take your projects even further using a multitude of mediums to create really unique items. There are loads of amazing tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest for creating your own metal stamped items.

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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) PunchArt Metal Stamping Kit
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 5.8 x 0.4 cm
  • Hand Stamp color: Black
  • Case color: Blue