Quick-Release Battery Terminal Connectors

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Great modification for your battery terminal connectors!

Fed up of being let down by underwhelming lead terminals? Then switch to these Quick-Release Battery Terminal Connectors! These are great upgrades for your old battery terminal connectors. They not only facilitate optimal conductivity, they're also easy to take off and put back on!


  • Quick-release design. What makes these connectors irresistible upgrades is their quick-release feature. You no longer need a wrench to connect or disconnect them. You simply attach them to your battery’s terminals by clamping down or by lifting the plastic caps when you need to remove them.

  • Provide better conductivity. Unlike regular battery connectors that are made of simple metal, these connectors are constructed of brass zinc alloy. These allow them to provide a safe, optimal conductivity so that excellent signal transfer is always maintained.

  • Stable and safe connection. The connectors grip firmly on the terminal posts in a tight, secure fashion. Designed with plastic cap covers, they protect you from electrical shocks when you work on them.

  • Easy to install. Nobody likes a tough installation job! That’s why these quick release connectors have included their own mounting hardware to make the process simple. All you need is your trusty screwdriver to make the conversion. Additionally, the connectors’ plastic caps are color-coded to guide you which one goes to the positive/negative poles – red for positive, and blue for negative.

  • Protects from wear and tear. The battery connectors’ plastic caps not only serve as color-coded guides, they also fend off rust and corrosion. This ensures the battery connectors’ long service life.


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Package includes:


  • 1 x Red Battery Terminal Connector
  • 1 x Blue Battery Terminal Connector


  • 2 x Red Battery Terminal Connector
  • 2 x Blue Battery Terminal Connector

SET 3 

  • 3 x Red Battery Terminal Connector
  • 3 x Blue Battery Terminal Connector 


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Plastic + Brass Zinc Alloy
  • Internal diameter (positive): 18 mm / 0.7 inches
  • Internal diameter (negative): 15.5 mm / 5.9 inches
  • Size: 6.9 x 4.7 x 2.8 cm / 2.7 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 175g
  • Color: Red + Blue