Secured Spy Camera Detector

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Are you afraid that your room is bugged when staying in a hotel or Airbnb? Protect your privacy by arming yourself with a Secured Spy Camera Detector. This tiny device allows you to inspect your room and detect hidden spy gears that violate your privacy. Easily scan and locate spy cameras, wireless microphones, and GPS trackers in minutes!  


  • Protect your privacy. Because it lets you detect wireless devices that transmit RF (radio frequency) signals or spot camera lenses, it gives you peace of mind knowing your privacy is protected at all times. No more getting paranoid about someone watching over your every move or eavesdropping on your every conversation.
  • Multipurpose. You can even use it at home, your car or clothing. Easily identify whether someone planted bug devices on your belongings and properties. You can also use it in public areas like fitting rooms, restrooms and anywhere else you feel you could be spied upon.
  • Light and sound indicator. This detector uses signal strength light indicator and sound alarm to notify and represent the distance between the broadcasting device and the detector. The closer this detector is to bugs, the more noise it makes and the higher the LED light level goes. However, if you don’t want anyone hearing the loud beep, you can put the detector in vibrate mode or use the included earphone.
  • Camera lens finder. Simply put your eye into the viewfinder of this detector and start looking around your room. The 6 LED lights around the viewfinder will start flashing and will reflect against any camera lens, revealing their hidden location.
  • Easy to use. Just press the on/off button, take out the antenna, and start scanning your area. That simple. Be aware, however, that it can also detect false positives like signals from your appliances, Wi-Fis, phones, and other electronic devices.
  • Great gift. Rechargeable, a breeze to operate, and easily fits in carry-ons or luggage, it’s an excellent choice of protection you can give to friends and loved ones, especially your mom, wife, sisters, daughters, and more.

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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Secured Spy Camera Detector
  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x Charger (Please tell us which plug you need in your order. We have US and EU plugs. Otherwise, we will send EU plug as default)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Material: Plastic + Electric Component
  • Size: approx. 4.7 x 1.6 x 9.3 cm/ 1.85 x 0.63 x 3.66 inches (L x W x H)
  • Color: Black
  • Receive frequency range: 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Laser detection camera distance:10cm - 10m
  • Radio wave detection camera distance: 5cm - 10m
  • Power in the 50mv-200mv detection range: 30-50cm/50-200mv; 100-200cm/300-600mv; 300-800cm/800-1200mv
  • Power: built-in lithium polymer battery 280mAH
  • Probe laser wavelength: 920nm
  • Current consumption: 8mA