Self-watering Glass Plant Feeder Wand

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Eliminate the Worry Over Leaving Plants with These Beautiful Wands!

No more worrying about leaving plants unattendedThe Self-watering Glass Plant Feeder Wand isn't just beautiful in its daintiness, it also waters your plants for you. Available in a variety of gorgeous designs, these are sure to make a garden of any size even more lovely.


  • Automatically waters your plants.  No need to fret over whether your plants stay watered while you're away. These Self-watering Glass Plant Feeder Wands will feed your plants for you for a number of days with the supply of water in their bulbs.

  • Beautiful glass designs. Complement any plant or flower with equally beautiful designs of things you can find in the natural world. Crafted with high borosilicate glass, these are available in rose, star, heart, mushroom, bird, and snail-shaped water bulbs.

  • Easy to use. Simply fill the plant feeder wand up with water and stick it into the soil near your plant. No complicated wires to deal with.

  • Great for any plant.  Ideal for a variety of gardens or plant types, like patio plants, indoor plants, hanging plants, gardens, and more. This makes a lovely gift for the loved one with a green thumb.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Self-watering Glass Plant Feeder Wand
  • Material: High borosilicate glass
  • Rose:
    Height: about 10.6"
    Diameter: 3.1"
    Weight: 42g/1.5oz
  • Mushroom
    Height: 11"
    Diameter: 3"
    Weight: 56g/2oz
  • Bird
    Height: 10.2"
    Diameter: 2"
    Length: 4.3"
  • Snail
    Height: 9.4"
    Length: 4.3"
    Diameter: 2.4"
    Weight: 41g/1.4oz
  • Heart
    Size: 17.7"
    Diameter: 5.9"
    Weight: 47g/1.65oz
  • Star
    Height: about 10.6"
    Diameter: 3.4"
    Weight: 51g/1.8oz