SimpleCraftz - Compass Cutter

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Cuts out perfect circles with ease!

The SimpleCraftz - Compass Cutter is much like a regular compass, but with a blade. This tool allows you to cut perfectly shaped circles instantly – no more tracing! It's simple and easy to use too! 


  • Convenience. The traditional way of cutting out circles is way too complicated, and it usually leaves ugly creases on the paper. With the SimpleCraftz - Compass Cutter, you can easily cut circles instantly – no more folding!
  • Easy cutting. The SimpleCraftz - Compass Cutter features changeable blades, which are insanely sharp. Its blades can cut most papers with ease. Take note; the compass cutter comes with five extra blades.
  • Accurate measurements. This tool comes with engraved measurements, so you can accurately cut circles according to your desired sizes. 
  • Durable & easy to use. Its body is made from high-quality aluminum steel for durability and heavy use. To use it, let the compass stand on its pin, adjust the blade's distance to the pin, lock it, and cut away!

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Product Specifications: 

  • Package includes: (1) SimpleCraftz - Compass Cutter
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Pink, Black, Blue, Gold
  • Cutting Range: 1-18cm