Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter

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Perfectly and Quickly Cut Wrapping Paper!

Say goodbye to the outdated method of cutting wrapping paper! Super easy to use and leaving you with a perfectly cut amount of wrapping paper, this smart Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter takes the difficulty and sloppiness out of cutting wrapping paper.


  • The most efficient way to cut wrapping paper. No more struggling with scissors that take forever to cut through a sheet of wrapping paper! This will allow you to safely and quickly cut off the amount of wrapping paper you need with half the time and effort!

  • Perfect edges every time. Every other method used to cut wrapping paper involves jagged, torn, or crooked, uneven edges, which lead to bad-looking gifts. This provides perfect, straight edges with each use.

  • Easy and fun to use. Simply estimate how much wrapping paper you need, attach the Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter, and slide to cut with the angled blade. It fits over any size roll of wrapping paper, too!

  • Great for many occasions.  The Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter isn't just highly useful for tackling gifts during the holiday season, it's also ideal for birthdays, weddings, and usage with other paper rolls.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter
  • Material: plastic, steel safety blade