Stress Reliever Fidget Pen

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A pen that offers tons of fun!

Write, play, and relax with this Stress Reliever Fidget Pen. This creative pen offers tons of fidget possibilities. It lets you breathe a little so you can focus and deal with the task at hand.


  • Offer endless play. Magnetic, flexible, and comes with ball bearings and tube spring, there are several different ways in which you can spin, slide, glide, twist, and manipulate the pen in your hand. It makes it a more unpredictable and satisfying fidget toy experience and you can experiment to your heart’s content.

  • Relieve stress & anxiety. Not just a hot new craze, this fidget pen can also help with anxiety, focusing, autism, quitting bad habits and relieving stress. You’ll appreciate the distraction so you can focus later on important tasks.


  • Multipurpose pen. The pen also has a fine tip for smooth writing or sketching. Whether you're a dab hand at calligraphy, an architect or engineer, or a creative student, you will appreciate the quality on offer here.

  • Encased in an elegant box. This awesome gadget comes with a presentation gift box for easy access and storage. This is the perfect way to carry your pen when on the move and makes it even more impressive if you're gifting this to somebody.


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Product Specifications:
• Package includes:
• 1 x Fidget Pen
• 6 x Ball Bearings
• 1 x Tube Spring
• 1 x Storage Box
• Material: Chrome-finished Aluminum Alloy
• Ballpoint tip size: 0.5 mm
• Color: Silver
• Ink type: Gel Ink