SureFit Stretchable Headboard Slipcover

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Make your headboard look new again!

Got old, worn-out headboard? No problem! The SureFit Stretchable Headboard Slipcover will elevate the look of your headboard in seconds! This wonderful cover not only will make your headboard beautiful again, it will also protect it from dust, stains, and damages.


  • Give your headboard a fresh new look. With this slipcover, you can give your old headboard instant makeover and give it a fresh look. It’ll help make your bed a lovely centerpiece of your room once more.

  • Offers protection too. Not only will this cover make your headboard looking fab again, it also protects from dirt, spills, and scratches too. Especially helpful if you have a new headboard installed or it’s made of expensive wood.

  • Easy installation. No fussing over Velcro, buttons, or zippers. You simply put the cover on your headboard and adjust for a snug fit. Made of soft polyester fabric, it stretches to fit headboard of different shapes and sizes.

  • Hassle-free cleaning. It’s easy to remove too and can be cleaned in the washer. Guaranteed not to shrink even after many washes.

  • Available in various colors and sizes. The cover can easily complement your existing decors and beddings as there are 6 colors available: pink, grey, purple, purple, beige, and black. It’s also available in 5 sizes so you can decorate and beautify all the headboards in your home.


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Product Specifications: 

  • Package includes: (1) SureFit Stretchable Headboard Slipcover
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: (W x H)
  • 120 x 70 cm/ 47 x 28 inches
  • 150 x 70 cm/ 59 x 28 inches
  • 180 x 70 cm/ 71 x 28 inches
  • 200 x 70 cm/ 79 x 28 inches
  • 220 x 70 cm/ 87 x 28 inches
  • Color: Pink, Grey, Purple, Purple, Beige, Black