Transparent Lidded Kitchen Storage Box

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Find What You Need with a Glance!

Say "no more" to taking forever to find what you need in the fridge, pantry, or cupboard! Use Transparent Lidded Kitchen Storage Boxes to not only organize your kitchen but also to make it far more accessible and easier to navigate.  


  • Instantly find what you need from your fridge. Feel like it takes forever to get what you need from the fridge because you have to peek into various types of packaging? This ensures you immediately see the contents of your fridge thanks to its transparent plastic material, cutting cooking time drastically!
    • Easy-pull and grip handles. Each Transparent Lidded Kitchen Storage Box is fitted with an easy-grip handle that makes it a breeze to pull out of and put back into your fridge. 
      • Seals in freshness. The Transparent Lidded Kitchen Storage Box is also equipped with lids that will lengthen a food's life and keep them fresh for far longer than when simply left in a bowl, their original packaging, etc.
        • Great for your fridge and more. The Transparent Lidded Kitchen Storage Box isn't just very handy for your fridge, you can also use it to organize your cupboard and pantry. It's even ideal for workshops, arts and crafts stations, and more.


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          Product Specifications:

          • Package includes: (1) Transparent Lidded Kitchen Storage Box
          • Material: eco-friendly BPA-free plastic
          • Size: 28x13x15.5 cm (11.02"x5.11"x6.10")
          • Packaging: foam + cardboard boxes