Ultimate PowerSaver Adaptor

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Would you like to save your electricity bills every month? Who wouldn't?

This is a convenient and safe household power saving device, just find any a/c outlet in your house and plug in, money saving have begun.
- Save power resources.
- Protect the environment.
- Surge protection.
- To improve the power factor.
- Optimize current,balanced current.
- Protective appliances and prolong the service life of the electric appliances.
Technical Parameters:
- Work Rate Voltage: 90-250V AC. 
- Work Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ.
Product box: plastic
Gross weight: 0.18KG
Size: approx 153mm x 87mm x 108mm
Function: Energy saving
Plug Specifications: EU / US/UK
Amp Saving Rate: 15% to 30%
Loading capacity:30KW  (please ignore the letter "28000W" in the lable, as now it was upgraded to "30000W" version, we just use 28KW verson photo for ref)
According to one’s electrical appliances or total load capacity, one or more power savers maybe recommended to attain the appreciable power saving effect. The saving effect is usually seen after 2-months of contineous use