Universal Square Wire Twisting and Stripping Tool

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Strip, twist, and connect wires using only one tool with the Universal Square Wire Twisting and Stripping Tool. This device attaches to your regular drill so you can combine wires instantly. It increases your productivity and makes wire repairs or installations convenient and faster.


  • Twist and connect wires instantly. Say goodbye to manual stripping & twisting that leaves your hands tired, hurt, and dirty. By attaching this tool to a handheld electric drill (not included), you can easily twist and combine wires in seconds! It even strips the wire's coat for you. 

  • Easy to use. Attach the tool to your drill. Then arrange the wires needed to be twisted and combined. Next, secure one end of the wires with a plier and insert the other end on the tool's mouth, into the corresponding slots. Turn your drill on and pull out.
  • 4 models to choose from. Available in 4 types that can twist and connect from 2 to 5 pieces of wires beautifully.  You can easily select one that fits your wiring needs. Perfect for electric repairs, wire installations, phone cable repairs, and more.
  • Built to last. Made of carbon steel for extra durability and high precision quality. It’s guaranteed to help you strip and connect wires for years to come. A great addition to every electrician, craftsman, cable technician, and DIYer’s toolbox.


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Universal Square Wire Twisting and Stripping Tool
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 90 mm/ 3.5 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Model available:
  • 2.5 Square 3 lines
  • 2.5 Square 5 lines
  • 4 Square 3 lines
  • 4 Square 5 lines