Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

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Superb bathroom protection for your toilet paper & phone!

Having a tiny bathroom is a pain sometimes. Your toilet paper wets easily, and you don’t have a safe area for your phone when it’s time to wash. Good thing there’s now a Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf. This loo hero mounts your toilet paper and phone to safety for a convenient, worry-free bathroom break.


Why You Need It:

  • Protects your toilet paper from getting wet. Featuring a waterproof compartment and lid, this elegant bathroom accessory ensures your toilet paper is safe from acquiring dirt and getting soaked with water. It will always dispense a fresh, dry piece every time you need one.
  • Offers a safe place for your phone. No cabinets or storage space in your loo? No problem. This toilet paper holder & dispenser’s lid also serve as a handy shelf.  No more worrying about where to put your phone or eyeglasses when it’s time to wash or take a bath. Use it to store toiletries as well.  
  • Enjoy no-stress, no-hassle installation. Self-adhesive, you can easily mount it on smooth surfaces like tiles, marble, metal, glass, etc.  It’s sturdy and offers a stable storage solution that doesn’t damage walls.
  • Helps keep your loo tidy. Available in 3 cute colors, it adds life to your timid, tiny loo. And because it organizes your bath essentials in one safe and easy-to-reach place, it prevents lavatory clutter and makes your bathroom neat and clean.


(Note: be sure to clean and dry the walls before installation. This product is not recommended to use on painted, wallpapered, or uneven surfaces


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf           
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 150 x 120 x 115 mm
  • Color: Black, White, Pink