Waterproof Wall Socket Cover

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The best protection for wall sockets around your home!

No matter how careful you are, water can accidentally reach your kitchen or bathroom wall sockets. When this happens, it can cause a short circuit and can lead to fire, or worse, someone getting electrocuted.

That’s why it best that you hide your wall sockets under a Waterproof Wall Socket Cover. This transparent box is designed to shield electrical outlets not only from water but also from dirt and curious kids.   

Key features and benefits:

✅ Covers sockets so they are away from water, dirt, and curious, playful kids

✅ Prevents short circuit, fire, or electric shock

✅ Installs in second – easily attaches to smooth surfaces; just peel & stick

✅ Boasts of a large compartment to fit a variety of wall sockets

✅ Made of clear PC material for easy visibility

✅ Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof

✅ Compact and sturdy – won’t fall or budge once attached


(Note: for best results, please wait for 24 hours after installation before using)


NOTE: Please allow 15-25 Business Days for shipping


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: (1) Waterproof Wall Socket Cover
  • Material: PC
  • Size: 127 x 105 x 50 mm
  • Color: Clear