HeavyDuty Carving Grinder Disc

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Make cutting wood a quick work with the HeavyDuty Carving Grinder Disc. This circular blade attaches to your electric grinder and lets you cut, sculpt, carve, and shape woods effortlessly.

Tiny yet powerful, you’ll find it a welcome and handy addition to your tool collection.


  • 3 types to choose from. You can choose from a segmented disc, a 4-inch chained disc, and a 5-inch chained disc. Each disc allows smooth, clean cut through woods. They take the muscle work out of carving, removing, sculpting, and shaping different woodwork pieces.  They’re a good choice for plunge cuts, fast waste removal, corner cuts, and cuts in awkward, difficult-to-reach places.
  • Multipurpose. This tool is a nice investment as it’s not only perfect for cutting woods, it’s also great for cutting ice, hard rubber, and other soft materials.
  • Fits regular electric grinders. This circular blade easily fits any handheld 4, 4.5, and 5-inch electric angle grinders. It’s perfect for carpentry, furniture making, wood arts, and other woodworking projects.
  • Durable. Crafted from high-quality high carbon steel, the blade’s 22 teeth are sharp and durable. They went through a micro-phase hardening process to improve performance and keep them sharper for longer.
  • Useful gift. Makes wood cutting an easy feat, it’s a handy tool for carpenters, furniture makers, craftsmen, hobbyist, DIYers and woodwork enthusiasts.


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